A warm welcome to all of our foreign colleagues!

ROTHKOPF works in collaboration with patent attorneys and attorneys at law from all over the world.

This mainly involves representing clients before the German authorities and the European Patent Office, such as in opposition proceedings, the regionalization of international patent applications and the validation of European patents.

Our Munich office is a stone’s throw from the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office. Such short distances make for a prompt and efficient service.

ROTHKOPF provides expert advice, particularly in the area of German and European patent, trademark, design and licensing law.

Our attorneys usually work behind the scenes and only actually meet the client concerned if requested to do so.

Getting the desired result for your clients through this cooperative action requires real teamwork, openness and loyalty, values that are very important to ROTHKOPF.

We offer our foreign colleagues the following services:

  • Representation before the German authorities and the European Patent Office
  • Expert advice on:
    - Patent law
    - Trademark law
    - Design law
    - Licensing law
    - Employee invention law
    - Property right infringements in Germany