»Those who invent nothing come to nothing.
Those who patent nothing gain nothing.« 

Erich Otto Häußer, former President of the German Patent and Trademark Office

70% of the value added to medium-sized companies in Germany is based on intangible assets, in other words ideas. We protect these ideas be securing patent, trademark and design rights.

ROTHKOPF can advise and assist your company in developing and expanding its patent, trademark and design portfolio.

Our attorneys can represent you in all industrial property matters, and help you to assert your rights and put your competitors in their place.

We can represent your interests, for example, in negotiating licenses.

Many of the patent attorneys at ROTHKOPF themselves spent many years in industry. Your company can benefit from this practical experience.

ROTHKOPF works in collaboration with German and foreign attorneys to protect your interests in Germany, in Europe and worldwide.

We offer companies that do not have their own IP department comprehensive advice in the following areas:  

  • Patent law
  • Trademark law
  • Design law
  • Searches and expert reports (Freedom to Operate, Due Diligence, IPO)
  • Monitoring property rights and competitors
  • Exploitation strategies, licenses and franchise agreements
  • Employee invention law