"Outtasking" adds value to your company

For those wishing to subcontract individual IP processes, ROTHKOPF is a skilled, cost-conscious and reliable partner.

We can take care of any searches, applications, submissions, expert reports, etc. for you.

We can represent your company in individual proceedings and in joint proceedings with affiliated companies.

We will happily conclude a framework contract with you in which we are responsible for ensuring quality standards.

"Outtasking" means that you can organize your whole IP portfolio at minimal operational expense. You can concentrate on your core areas of expertise, developing your company’s IP strategy. ROTHKOPF will take care of the work surrounding it, but you will retain control of the overall process, adding value to your company.

Our know-how is founded in practice rather than just theory, many of our patent attorneys having worked for many years in industry.

Make the most of the technical experience and legal expertise of the patent and trademark attorneys of ROTHKOPF.

We offer the following services to company IP departments:

  • Drawing up reports
  • Preparing patent applications
  • Responding to examiners' decisions
  • Drawing up grounds for opposition and counterstatements in opposition proceedings
  • Preparing expert reports on the validity or infringement of patents