You concentrate on coming up with the design, we’ll concentrate on protecting it

Whether it is wallpaper, an item of furniture or the surface of a television screen, design is involved in countless areas.

The attorneys at ROTHKOPF can advise you on what options you have under design law to protect the external appearance of your products. ROTHKOPF has attorneys who specialize in design law.

We can even advise you on how to develop your design, for example by carrying out an inquiry of designs currently existing.

ROTHKOPF can represent you in all proceedings necessary to obtain and assert your design rights. If you wish, we can also provide comprehensive management and monitoring of your design portfolio.

For designs, we offer the following comprehensive services tailored to your individual needs:

  • Searches for existing design rights
  • Acquiring design rights (registered designs)
  • Cancellation proceedings
  • Expert reports on design right infringements
  • Representation in design right infringement proceedings
  • Monitoring design rights
  • Design right exploitation strategies