Protecting your technical inventions …

… is the job of the attorneys at ROTHKOPF.

With their technical and scientific academic backgrounds, they are highly qualified in patent law. The patent attorneys at our firm have also spent a number of years in either industry or research.

As a result, they have both legal expertise and a good understanding of the technical subject matter.

Moreover, when advising any client, we at ROTHKOPF attach great importance to the economic aspects of an invention.

Our core expertise is distinguishing your invention from the prior art in a patent. We will represent you in examination and opposition proceedings and in revocation and infringement proceedings before patent offices, the Federal Patent Court and the civil courts.

For patents, we offer the following comprehensive services tailored to your individual needs:

  • Prior art searches
  • Acquiring patent rights
  • Opposition, appeal and revocation proceedings
  • Expert reports on patent infringements
  • Representation in patent infringement proceedings
  • Monitoring patents
  • Patent exploitation strategies