Protecting and using ideas

Protected ideas cannot be copied by others, so they give you a developmental advantage. Nor can they be integrated by others into their own goods and services, so they give you an advantage in the market.

However, you can make protected ideas available to others in order to generate additional income, for example through royalties. Protected ideas are also useful bargaining tools when it comes to negotiating cross-licenses. 

Protected ideas can be used defensively, because an aggressor is bound to fear a counterattack based on a property right belonging to the other party.

Protected ideas and their property rights can also be very effective for advertising purposes.

And as valuable and useful intangible assets, protected ideas increase the value of your company.

We offer the following services to help you to exploit your property rights:

  • Expert advice on
    - Confidentiality agreements
    - Use agreements
    - Know-how contracts
    - Franchise agreements
    - Licenses 
  • Negotiation
  • Development of a licensing strategy