Searches, reports and monitoring

ROTHKOPF can carry out searches, draw up reports and monitor the market for you in all areas of industrial property.

Before a patent is filed, we usually carry out a brief inquiry of the prior art.

However, the likelihood of success of any opposition or application for revocation can only be assessed on the basis of an extensive search.

A comprehensive expert report on the legal position may be required in order to make an assessment of any patent infringement. 

It is also worth keeping a close eye on your competitors’ property right activities in order to spot any patent, trademark or design infringements. 

ROTHKOPF can take care of any searches, reports and monitoring for you, using state-of-the-art computer technology and the essential technical and legal expertise of its patent attorneys.

We carry out searches, draw up reports and monitor in relation to the following:

  • Patents and patent applications (prior art, eligibility for protection, validity)
  • Trademarks (previous registrations, eligibility for protection, validity)
  • Designs (wealth of shapes, validity)