Trademarks protect your name in the market

Trademarks help you to position your goods and services in the market and enable your customers to distinguish between your goods and services and those of your competitors.

A trademark may not only be a company name, a product name or a slogan, but also a melody, a logo or an image.

Before introducing a trademark to the market, you should register it as a property right. ROTHKOPF specializes in this. We can even advise you on how to develop a trademark. By carrying out a corresponding search, we can check whether a planned trademark is likely to face any opposition based on other rights.

ROTHKOPF can represent you in all proceedings necessary to obtain and assert your trademark rights. If you wish, we can also provide comprehensive management and monitoring of your trademark portfolio.

For trademarks, we offer the following comprehensive services tailored to your individual needs:

  • Searches for existing earlier trademarks
  • Acquiring trademark rights
  • Legal remedy, appeal, opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Expert opinions on trademark infringements
  • Legal representation in trademark infringement proceedings
  • Monitoring trademarks
  • Trademark exploitation strategies